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Calves are on the ground and  will be ready for harvest in April. Email us for more details.


Quarter Beef

  • ~ 125 lbs of Beef
  • 4 cubic feet of freezer space needed
  • Additional $150 for processing (butcher)
  • Deposit: 25% Upon ordering

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Half Beef

  • ~ 250 lbs of Beef
  • 8 cubic feet of freezer space needed
  • Additional $350 for processing (butcher)
  • Deposit: 25% Upon ordering

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Whole Beef

  • ~ 500 lbs of Beef
  • 16 cubic feet of freezer space needed
  • Additional $700 for processing (butcher)
  • Deposit: 25% Upon ordering

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What You Will Receive​​

Meat Cuts
The table below gives approximate amounts of each cut you will receive.  Your order may slightly vary from this, or you may opt for different cuts where possible.  For instance, you may prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and Tenderloin - did you know that a Porterhouse Steak is composed of a NY Strip on one side of the "T-bone" and Tenderloin on the other?  You may also wish to have some cuts turned into ground beef, such as the short ribs.  All cuts are customizable, to your preference.

More About Meat Cuts​​

Know Your Meat
Why USDA Prime Steaks are the best: Only 2% of all beef qualifies as Certified USDA Prime. It is the ultimate of melt-in-your mouth-tenderness. It's abundant marbling and texture is the reason USDA Prime is most superior beef available. Buttery flavor, extraordinarily tender, and juiciness ( learn more ).

How Much Meat to Expect from a Beef Carcass
Consumers who buy a live animal from a local cattle producer for custom processing are often surprised. Some are surprised at the quantity of meat and amount of freezer space they need. Others may be surprised that they did not get the entire live weight of the animal in meat cuts. The amount of meat actually available from a beef animal is a frequent source of misunderstanding between consumers, processors and cattle producers. This document  provides information to assist in the understanding of how much meat to expect from a beef carcass ( University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture).

Know Your Cuts...


Ribeye vs. Rib Steak

​​T-Bone vs. Porterhouse Steaks 

Filet Mignon

The most tender of steaks. Filet Mignon is located at the smallest end of the beef tenderloin. It is the most tender of steaks because it comes from the part of the beef muscle that never gets exercise.  Learn More...